Thursday, November 02, 2006

:Free Time:

*~Asalam'alaykum wr wb~*

Sometimes life moves faster than we can blog. That's been me lately, so many things going on at one time alhumdulillah that I can't even form a coherent enough thought. Having 2 1/2 jobs (haha don't ask about the 1/2) and going to school full time gives me only about a few hours of downtime in a day.


I'm ready for vacation. *sigh* I hate this downward spiral leading up to the holidays and these next couple of weeks are the last stretch towards the finish line, my trophey, Turkey Day (a.k.a Thanksgiving) in Maryland! :) woohoo...


I miss home. I wanna be driving along the coast, windows down, listening to John Mayer with no real destination in mind. I wanna be walking on the beach with my friend Sophie and then afterwards hit up the cute little market in Malaga Cove for some chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt. iA just one more month and i'll be home....


Ok, I can't blog too long because even now i'm at work trying to write something worth reading while fearful that my boss'll step in at any moment. This definitely does not look like India's Murder laws, what I should be researching at the moment. OH and btw..does anyone know about India's Murder laws? haha see blogging can be useful to my research!

wasalaam everyone,

Madiha :)