Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A farrago of random, yet interesting things :)

A pretty tyte link my cuz sent me...




Meet me at the masjid with your imam,
You had me all twisted from the first salaam
I took a 2nd glance boy, I must confess
Lets get shaadi'd (I just wanna get shaadi'd)


source: saadz away message

...::: And something interesting I came across a little while back:::...

All lost - in a day
by Velma Cook

This is the true story of a woman who escaped certain death in Bosnia. It all happened just a few years ago. I pray that we will never forget the atrocities that are daily perpetrated against the Muslims all over the world. May this story serve as a reminder of the unexpected nature of life and the importance of our reliance on Allah the Lord of the Worlds, as the only source of strength, help and peace.

Shafts of light spread over the bedroom floor , slowly highlighting the criss-cross pattern of the mat, as the run rose on yet another day in the war torn village. The men had returned home the day before, after many weeks in the battlefield. Worn out, they fell into the loving arms of anxious wives. Weeks spent in fear, ended in a happy reunion of family life.Soon after day break the baby cried. Aisha reached over to the basket and picked him up. His brown curls shone in the early morning light. She put him into bed next to her and fed him while she dozed peacefully off to sleep again.The room was simply furnished. There was a rough wooden bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. On the chest of drawers stood a square mirror, a brush and comb and a small jewelry box her husband had given her on her wedding day. Hand woven mats were spread across the floor, keeping away the growing cold of winter. The window was covered with dark green shutters. They were tightly closed. The baby's cot stood next to their bed which was covered with handmade, soft downy quilts. Squares of various colors, collected and sewn together.Ahmad stirred and opened his eyes that were encased in dark circles. He turned over and looked at the sleeping baby nestled snugly against his mother.

He smiled tenderly and stared at the ceiling, watching the growing formations of light and shade and drifted off to sleep once more.The familiar sound of guns in the distance made him wake up immediately. Unconsciously he reached for his gun, kept just beneath the bed where he lay. It was loaded. The sound died away and he relaxed, replacing the gun beneath the bed. He stroked the tiny head of his son who lay between he and his wife. In waking hours, there was the ever-present fear of invasion and death. His concern for his family's safety and that of his village, urged him on into fields of blood and death. Constantly searching for the enemies who dealt out rape, torture and death. He lay still in bed while his wife and son slept. After two days, he would have to return to the battle field. His thoughts were disturbed by a rumbling sound coming down the street, then the sound of running feet. His listened intently. Then there was a very loud bang at the door and a group of soldiers burst into the house. Within seconds they were in the bedroom just as Ahmad was reaching for his gun. Aisha awoke startled, and the baby screamed. Three soldiers with rough, hard hands pinned Ahmad to the bed while the officer in charge shouted questions at him. The silence that Ahmad maintained frustrated the Officer who kicked him hard and beat him across the back. Ahmad refused to speak.

Aisha covered herself with the blanket and stared at her husband lying face down on the bed beside her. His dignity crushed by pinning hands. She couldn't move or speak. She sat frozen in terror. The baby kept screaming.Question after question, repeating the same words while Ahmad pursed his lips and kept his eyes closed tight. He dreaded what might happen to his family but he couldn't reveal the information that would spell disaster to the whole district. He was being given the choice between betrayal or death. The choice was easy - death would be a final release from the hardships of life. Nothing could make him give in to these tyrants. After what seemed like hours, the Officer simply ordered, "It's no use, get rid of him." The second officer in charge had a face cut from granite. His square jaw never clinched and there was no expression in his eyes as he took out his gun and shot the helpless man in the temple at point blank range, sending Ahmad on to a peaceful place that he, would never know.Immediately the other soldiers let got their hold on him and started looking around the room.

Their eyes turned to Aisha who sat there screaming and screaming and screaming. Her voice drowned out that of her baby son. The soldiers looked her up and down carefully then looked at each other and smiled. The Officer in charge called them. They left. "Don't worry, you dogs," he smiled, "you can come back a bit later to finish off your work."Aisha's screams gave way to a frozen state of shock. She sat in the bed staring straight in front of her. The door opened quietly and footsteps were heard approaching her bed, now red with blood. The baby whimpered, too tired to scream. A hand touched Aisha's shoulder and she jumped in horror. She found the face of her neighbour who pulled her hand and dragged her from the bed.

"Aisha! Aisha! Pull yourself together. There's no time. We have to go now." She
gave Aisha a drink and shook her

"They will come back at any time and if you are here, well, you mustn't be here." The older lady shook her head and looked at the floor, she didn't dare look at the body on the bed.

"Come on Aisha, put on your warm clothes and boots. We have to run. My girls and I are ready and all the women who are still alive are leaving now. Aisha, listen! We have to leave now!"Aisha blinked and looked around her. She saw the body of her husband and started to cry.

"Aisha," said her neighbour more gently, "there's no time for tears now. Come on, we have to go.." Aisha started to move.

"Good Aisha. Remember if they come back they will kill you and your baby, do you understand."

"Yes, yes, I do. I'm coming now," said Aisha in a daze. She was breathing heavily, concentrating on not looking at the bed. She gathered all her remaining strength in an effort to escape imminent death.Feelings of panic overtook her. She rushed around the room thinking of what she should take. Her neighbour had already left and she could hear the sound of the other women and children leaving the village on foot. She didn't want to be left behind so she hurried even more. She packed a few necessities into a small bag, turned to where the baby lay and grabbed at him and the quilt and raced out the door.All day and the next night they traveled without stopping.

Aisha was exhausted. She continually saw stars in front of her eyes. Her mind was still in shock after witnessing the brutal death of her loving husband. There was no time or space to sort out everything that had happened. Her hand clung tightly to the precious bundle she carried and on she ran. Often blinded by tears, she walked, then ran, then walked again. Sometimes she would look back over her shoulder and see the flames of fire reaching up from her village; her home, and tiny feelings of gratitude, deep down in her soul made her glad she was not there. Her feet surged forward, lengthening the distance between herself and destruction.

Finally, they arrived at the border. Warm, caring eyes surveyed the scene and offered the poor, tired women and children warm drinks, bread and blankets. Only after safely crossing the border and finally sitting down to rest did Aisha open the bundle she had been carrying over all those miles. An explosion in the distance, rocked them from rest and Aisha's eyes looked up sharply as whatever remained of her village was wiped off the face of the earth.With trembling hands she continued to unwrap her precious bundle.Her screams alerted the guards and women surrounded her in pity and fear. Her thin, shaking hands had uncovered a pillow within her bundle.

Previously, somewhere in her tumult and desire to escape death, her hands had reached for her baby but had mistakenly grabbed the pillow and quilt which in a blind race of fear, had been bundled up and carried with her these long, hard miles.

and so Remember that....

***If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
In Happy moments, praise God.
In Difficult moments, seek God.
In Quiet moments, worship God.
In Painful moments, trust God.
In Every moment, thank God ****

wasalaam :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

just stuff...

Today I just took a long walk, 'bout 24 blocks. Sometimes i just need to clear my head. On another note, I also bought a bootleg version of Freedomland for $5 @ the subway station {fyi the Chambers stop on the A often has some good movies!!!) Yea i know, illegal and all, but folks, i have no shame...i'd rather spend $5 and keep a movie than spend $11 for 1 hr 53 mins of a movie i mite not even like!

haha..and somethng silly:


madiha :P


So, I have a question. What do you guys know 'bout smoking Hookah/Sheesha? Yea, I smoke it now and then, and since moving to NYC, more so now than nethng. I've heard a lot of mixed things and wanted to get this straight. Is it or is it not allowed and what does each entail? I'd appreciate wutever u could give me!

wasalaam :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

**It Was Almost Too Perfect**

So, today, well now its considered yesterday, I got to participate in something kinda exciting. A group of Muslim lawyers got together to draft by-laws to an organization they hope to introduce to the New York Bar Association and eventually {inshaAllah} the American Bar Association, and I got to be a part of it! Although we didn't set up a name yet, the sort of impromptu name for now is Muslim- Attorney's of metro-New York (MANY). The group wants to work closely with Muslims and Muslim law students in the NYC area. It was really awesome to see Muslim-Americans @ such accomplished positions, and I kinda felt outta place sometimes. I mean, as a 1L (i.e. first year), what do I know about drafting contracts or things like staggered terms??? But, they were totally cool and made me feel welcome. Pretty soon I was on a role, talking a mile a minute, as I usually am...no urgings neccessary! :P


Still....although this was great and all...I was VERY disappointed at one level. I had figured that this was supposed to be a Muslim-Attorney, ephasis on the Muslim identity, Organization? And yet, when Asr rolled around, no one reminded the others of prayer and no one, other than me {alhumdulillah}, prayed. Then, when Maghrib rolled around (yea we were there that long), I again went to go pray in the back room, but, alhumdulillah, this time one brother joined me. Still, I was upset because aren't these people, who were without a doubt older than my 21 years, supposed to set an example for the rest of the Muslims attorneys and Law students? As an organization for Muslims by Muslims its necessary for the leaders to show that Yes, one can be a Muslim and an American (or wutever) and a Professional all at the same time! And that there's no shame in it!


To me it was more of a disappointment because if you look to the MSA's and other student run organizations, you can see the love they have for the religion. At so many MSA events, whether they're at a park or at the school gym, students make an effort to pray salat. The group of lawyer's today, not only were a lot more mature, but were in a private office, surrounded by fellow brother's and sister's, where no one could say that they felt embarrassed or shy about praying salat in a public setting. SubhanAllah, I know that they have the best of intentions in their goals and aspirations, but I pray that Allah {swt} increase their imaan.

wasalaam :)

btw i've been meaning to tell u guys bout this really tyte research assistant position i have! lets say it involves Islamic Law! L8r tho..me sleepy now :P

Friday, February 24, 2006

~ SubhanAllah All Around!!! ~

Update on my Grandma:

Alhumdulillah the Dr.'s are sayin its a miracle that my Grandma is alive. She's in the last stages of Alzheimer's and at that state, a person's body completely shuts down. They had her on life support for the past few days, but the Dr's were able to taker her off of it! SubhanAllah! :D

Allahu Alim...


More good stuff...

Today, after Jummah, I went to lunch with two sisters who had recently embraced Islam. One sister was a little older and converted in 2001, but the other sister, is only 24, and caught my attention and admiration because she comes from a strongly Christian family and embraced Islam just this past Ramadan. Alhumdulillah, those of us who are Muslim, tend to take the basics of Islam (e.g. prayer, fasting, etc...) for granted. What got me a lil teary eyed was when she spoke of the first time she told her parents that she had converted....


Growing up with Grandparents who preached to her about Christianity since she was old enough to speak, the Sister went to church everyday, spent all her time doing things for the Baptist church her Grandparents had built and was the epitome of a model Christian youth in her community, often being referred to as a "crazy Christian" by her little brother. However, in college, she got an opportunity to study abroad in Morocco and live with a Muslim, host family. From there, she told of how she developed an interest for the culture, learned Islamic values and developed a love for the Arabic language, in which she is now fluent. After many years, she still keeps in touch with her Morocccan family whom she refers to as her 2nd family. Alhumdulillah, the family made her feel welcome and because of their kindness, she was able to see the true path. May Allah {swt} give them blessings!


Still, although she was observing Islamic teachings and surrounded herself with only Muslim friends, she didn't feel that she was ready to give the shahada until this past year. The day she took the final step, she remembers asking herself, "Do I really believe in what I am about to do?" She told me how she felt; how she knew that it was the right thing to do, that she really believed in the words she was about to declare. However, there was one challenge she hadn't considered,

I didn't think about how I was gonna tell my parents or my grandparents, it
was just too much to think about. All I knew was that this is for Allah {swt}."


Now came the hard part. Her family knew nothing of Islam, but were aware of her interests in the Middle Eastern cultures. Four days after taking Shahada, she called her parents on a conference call and told them the news. Her dad accepted quickly and told her that he supported her in anything she did, while she heard only silence from her mother's end. This worried her and so she asked her mother if she was ok. Her mother uttered out, " You've broken my heart," and started sobbing relentlessly. She didn't speak to the Sister for 2 weeks. Even while relating this story, the Sister became teary-eyed. Her mother and she had never once had an argument, and have always held the utmost respect for each other. After that, the sister flew home to be with her family so that it may be easier for them to accept her being Muslim.


The first night home, the Sister felt uncomfortable, but her father sensing this, eased her by saying, "This is your home and I want you to feel comfortable in it. Do whatever it is you need to do." She then performed wudu quietly and closed her door to pray quickly because she knew her family would feel uncomfortable if they saw her. However, a couple of days later, she was again praying, but had forgotten to close the door, and her mother walked by. She asked the Sister what she was doing and realizing that she was performing salat, turned around and burst out sobbing. The sister became so distraut that she quickly finished praying, and ran and hugged her mother, holding her like a baby for hours while her mother told her over and over that the sister had been decieved by the devil. The sister refrained from performing salat for the rest of her stay because she felt that at that point her mother was too fragile.


Even now, only a few months later, the Sister is holding strong and May Allah {swt} give her strength and courage to overcome these difficulties. Her mother is so distraught that she's unable to sleep and eat. What amazed me was the amount of fortitude the Sister showed. How difficult is it to go against one's family? To upset all those you love? All those you hold so dear? She feels unaccepted and estranged from the one thing she holds so dear: Her perfect & close relationship with her mother. My mom is my best friend and to think that I would bring her that much pain is inconceivable. Still, she has faith in Allah {swt} and her love for Him keeps her courageous.

{Subhan Allah}

Allaahumma Aatinee bin a'afiyati min h'aythu shi-ta wa kayfa shi-ta-wa annaa
shi-ta-fa-innaka taf- a'lu maa shi-ta kayfa shi-ta

{O Allah, give us welfare from wheresoever You desire, as You wish and when You want. Verily You do that which You find satisfying because it pleases You. {Ameen}


wasalaam :)

People just suck sometimes. :'(

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

...:::>>Optimism & Hope<<:::...

::: The eye of the heart,

though closed in fallen man,

is able to take in a glimmering of light,

and this is faith :::

_./'\._¸¸.•¤*;•.¸.•¤**¤• .. *•.
.**** ** Have Faith**
/.•*•.\ ¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.

Although I was gonna go to sleep, I felt that I needed to get this down. In light of a recent conversation, I felt that i needed to address the importance of optimism & hope from Allah {swt}, especially when things are going sucky, to put it mildly.


:::Hoping for good is also an act of worship of Allah {swt}:: -- (Tirmidhi and Hakim)

:::When my servants ask (thee O Prophet! (pbuh) ) about Me, tell them that I am indeed close to them. I
answer the prayers of every suppplicant when he calls on Me; Let them also answer My call and believe in Me. So that they may be rightly led::: -- Surah Baqarah (v.186)


At times, one may find that one's prayers are not being responded to, but one must bear faith that the prayer made for a just objective and in right ernest goes not in vain. In truth, it has several aspects of beneficence. Limited and imperfect as we are in our vision, we do not know Allah swt's designs and His appropriate timing for the acceptance of our prayers. If Allah {swt} in His infinite Wisdom does not prefer to approve our prayer immediately, He may approve of it at the ripe time as willed by Him or He may, at the opportune state, bestow the caller with ampler bounty than what he prayed for, or the Almighty may recompense in the life Hereafter, or may ward off or avert an impending calamity or tribulation.


In short, one always receives the benefit, in one form or the other, of beseeching His help, provided that one does not out of impatience lose heart, give up hope or seek refuge in shadeless shelters or with powerless protectors.


May Allah {swt} give us wisdom and courage to lead our lives in conformity with His ways & wishes. {Ameen}

wasalaam :)

excerpts from: The Blessings of Prayer & Easy Good Deeds by Mufti Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Please make du'a for my grandma, she's not doing so well. :'(

...wasalaam ...

** May Allah {swt} grant my father and my family shiffa and sabr. Ameen
May Allah {swt} ease my grandma's pain. Ameen. **

Darwin's Legacy... LOL...

::sigh:: Today was a pretty crappy day. I spent all day @ the library, writing this one paper that's due tmrw and, yea, its not done :::heading into breakdown mode soon::: :O But I called it quits after my right eye started twitching, seriously, it really did. InshaAllah ima finish it after Fajar though.


Neways, there's this one thing that i've been meaning to discuss. Dont worry its nuthng too scary, well maybe for the boys it is, but wutever. Haha, i'm sure you boys can handle it. So, I recently noticed myself becoming more of a "stalker." Wait, b4 u get all freaked out, lemme explain! lol....


If you boys aren't already aware, but chicks, especially Muslim chicks, have this underground railroadish, secret association sorta thing goin on. Like, okay, if you're guy wanting to talk to me online or otherwise, ima google u, ima msn white page you to see if u live where u say you live, then ima facebook you and then ima give some of my friends in your town a call and see wut you're all about. And...if they don't know you personally, OH, they will soon! And.... If they're not in your town, they have friends who have friends who have friends, and it'll eventually end up back to me. <-- {fyi...true story }


I guess theres an unspoken pact of some sort, No Muslim Sister Turned Away! LOL...No questions asked and information about a boy and his family'll be yours...as easy as that. Hey, i'm soo not playing lol... we sisters gotta watch out for ourselves. :)~


Sooo try not to be worried boys, cuz, hey, those are the facts of life. hehe. Survival of the fittest and wut not.

wasalaam... :D

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bismillah Rahman Rahim

Masha'Allah, today, I started a chapter of the Muslim Law Student Association @ my school....I know there's a lotta work involved and its gonna take up a whole heck of my time, time that I don't really have. Its totally important to establish a Muslim community @ school, since students spend most of their time there. So, since my intentions are in hopes of creating a haven for muslim students, I pray for Allah {swt} to aid me in my endeavors and make this group a success....


::: rabana a'tayna fidunya hasanathan wa fil akhirati hasnathan wa qina azaban'nar :::


wasalaam :)~

Friday, February 17, 2006

Ehhh..feeling bored :(

This sux...my roomate's outta town this week and all my friends have something to do. I spoke to my mom on the phone, then my sister, then my brother, then my cousin, and I woulda kept on goin', cept my phone died. So, I had to resort to studying on a Friday nite in NYC!!! I know...even written out, it sounds loser-like. Oh well, its all good in the hood.


So, the most recent developments in my life include A) me moving to NY (obviously) & B) me officially getting on "The List." What's "The List?" It's the fate of every Muslim boy & girl. It's the list of names of those wanting to get married. Yea, I know its inevitable, but it kinda freaks me out. I like being in the background, laughing at the peril of my friends and cousins. I like being designated as the "conversationalist," since I could probably get a dead person to talk. Haha, trust me, its true. :P


Yesterday, my mom informed me over the phone that I should be "ready" (wutever the heck that means) by my cousin's wedding in July, since all his freinds are gonna be there. So wut?! Why do you haveta prepare for this stuff? Can't you just be yourself and let fate take over? It's like, why try if there's only one soulmate for you? If he's gonna find ya, he's gonna find ya, rite?


I don't know...It's just another headache @ this point. I gotta focus on school..cuz dammit, law school ain't easy. So far, all I question is, Why in the jahanum did I come bak to school?! I was livin the life b4!


10 am walk @ the beach

12pm lunch @ marmalade cafe :)
1pm chillin @ home on the net
3pm-9pm runnin' my private tutoring gig
10 pm CSI baby!
11pm sleepin away

9 am study
12 pm study & eat somethng like food
1 pm study
4pm-10pm class/school
11pm study, chat & blog (yaay)
2/3 am sleep.

Yes..I know that the ends to each are vastly different and that's what keeps me motivated. My desire to help Muslim women is very strong alhumdulillah and insha'Allah, I have faith that Allah {swt} will help me through the difficulties.

ok, ima go watch a lame indian movie now cuz i got nuthng else to do & cuz it'll probably put me to sleep.


<< Jummah Mubarak >>


Not only is it Jummah, but Friday's are the days I get 'ta play tourist since I don't have class. Seriously, the one thing I find great bout NY is the variety of ppl, wait, lemme refine that, a variety of crazy ppl. I mean one sec u'll see this blinged out, Prada carryin, fur wearing woman w/ her lil, yipping dog, and the next, a crack- head declaring, "LORD JESUS YOU'RE CUTE." lol ::sigh:: Gotta love them crack heads.

Well, lets see wut adventure I go through today, I think ima get some shopping done...haven't done that in ages! (well about a wk, but for a shopaholic it's the horror of all horrors!) lol...j/k, kinda.

Neways, it's bout 1 and the khutbah begins @ 1:20pm (insha'Allah)..so i better get going .


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Live by the Creed!

::My Mantra::

Since moving to "The City"( as the New Yorker's like to say) I find myself exposed to a diff. crowd. Lemme just say one thng, law school is an evil entity…makes the gora’s drink like fish! Some nites I come home feeling guilty b/c I didn't do nethng to futher my Imaan (may Allah {swt} forgive me). I mean Alhumdulillah I don’t drink or nethng, but just being in that environment is bad enuff. U mite wonder y the hell I even go? But lemme tell u, its to keep my sanity. Moving across the country, living by urself and going to school where u can count the number of muslims on one hand, u gotta go out! Or else ur gonna go crazy and not to mention feel hella lonely….

I AM working on making some good, muslim friends tho, but its hard when they’re not @ ur school..well wutever..ima stop complaining now…


Blog it Up

Well, I finally started a blog. These blogs are like an addiction. I find myself staying up till the wee hours of the night, reading bout others' lives. What is it bout us humans? We have this sick need to know what someone's day was like... I mean if someone wrote about how they brushed their teeth..i'd wanna know what toothpaste they used!?! Yea, i can't help it...Ima tell myself its normal and move on..hehe.

**** ****

In sha'Allah, I have much to write..but rite now i gotta get some pen to paper and produce some coherent research on NY's laws regarding Exemption of Homeowner Liability. yea.. i know, sounds like a party. woohoo. ::rolling eyes::

well neways..wasalaam & payce out homies!