Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year, New beginnings iA

*~ asalam'alaykum wr wb*~

So iA i'm thinking of starting to post again! LOL..I know I know, I was gone for way too long and actually miss all you blog friends! I get a little nostalgic when I realize I'm not up to date with some of your lives! I'm back in NYC with my sister and one of my friends from LA staying with me this week! YAAY! All I've been doing is spending money that I really shouldnt be..but oh well! lol


Here are some updates on my life since I last blogged...

I went home for winter break, but also flew to Chicago for about a week and spent Eid with my dad's side of the family, which was a change for once, since I hadnt seen a lot of them for about 6 years! They were all shocked to see I wasn't an awkward 14 year old with braces and tomboy tendencies! haha! I then flew back to LA for the remainder of my vacation, which was only about 4 days. :( Sucked because I hardly got to enjoy the nice weather and before I knew it, I was on another plane heading back to school!


This time around I have five classes and, yup, still two jobs! haha crazy I know! But iA I still try to make some time for fun here and there!


Oh, don't worry, I have some 'juicy' news up my sleeve, but ya know, I don't wanna give up all the fun stuff at once! haha...just stay tuned iA! hehe..

wasalaam everyone!

~ Madiha ~